AQIS 2014

14th Asian Quantum Information Science Conference
Shirankaikan, Kyoto, Japan
August 20 - 24, 2014
(Tutorials: August 20, Main Conference: August 21-24)

Satellite Workshop at University of Tokyo, August 18
Satellite Workshop at Osaka University, August 25-26

Instructions for Final Manuscript Submission

We kindly ask the authors of invited talks, tutorials, accepted talks and posters to prepare camera ready versions of their extended abstracts using the templates given below. Please submit the final extended abstract using the templates below together with the following form by July 22, 2014 via email to aqis14pub(_at_) (please replace (_at_) with @).
Please attach both the pdf and LaTeX files.

When sending your abstract via email, please indicate in the subject line your name and the easy chair submission number (with the exception of abstracts for invited talks and tutorials).

The following form will be used for the table of contents of the proceedings, and will be processed with LaTeX. Please make sure all the details are correct before sending the form. The information in the table of contents will be exactly the same as specified in the form.

Information Form
{Title of the paper}
{Author 1 (affiliation), Author 2 (affiliation), ..... ,
Author N-1 (affiliation), and Author N (affiliation)}
* You can use LaTeX command if you want.
* The paper will not appear in the proceedings if the author fails to submit the final version until the deadline.


To: aqis14pub(_at_) (Please replace (_at_) with @.)
Subject: AQIS14_Easychair-Submission-Number_firstname_familyname
Attach: Easychair-Submission-Number_firstname_familyname.tex, Easychair-Submission-Number_firstname_familyname.pdf
{Quantum computation with entanglement}
{Kazuo Iwama (Kyoto University), Shigeru Yamashita (Ritsumeikan University), and Masaki Nakanishi (Yamagata University)}

Format of the Manuscripts

Basic format:
Style and template files: LatexFiles(ZIP)

Note: Authors who do not conform to this format will not have their paper in the proceedings.